The ABC’s of T

I’ve never been one who thinks the whole world needs to know my story, or who thinks anyone would find anything about me remotely interesting. However, as I get older, I’m coming to see the importance in connecting with other people on a more personal level. Even then, the thought of just producing a massive word vomit telling my whole story in just one post seems both overwhelming to write and unappealing to read.

I had the idea that it might be more fun, less overwhelming, and more palatable to read if I broke a “getting to know me “ post up into smaller chunks. The idea for TheABC’s of T was born.

Over the next four to six weeks I will use each letter of the alphabet to tell a little something about me. It may be something that I’ve learned about myself (like the whole processed food addiction bit), or an attribute I think has been lacking in my life or one that I want to strengthen (like discipline or integrity), or maybe it is just a food that I like to eat (like quinoa or zucchini). Hopefully by the end of the alphabet, you will know a little more about me, I will know a little more about myself, and both of us with have a little bit better idea of where this blog is headed.

Welcome to The ABC’s of T!

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