I host a closed group on facebook.  It is an accountability group of sorts.  It consists of a few of my good friends and we use the space to work on our goals.  For instance, in October we called our group “Scary Fit–One New Thing By Halloween.” Each of us chose one thing that we wanted to cement as a habit during the last three weeks of the month. We reported in on how things were going, supported each other and learned a lot of things about ourselves.

I, personally, learned a lot about myself and what it takes for me to truly make something a habit. I learned that I need to set more reasonable goals–to keep them realistic. I learned that I need to be kinder to myself while still holding myself accountable. Overall, it has been a really good tool for me in learning how to approach my fitness goals and it helped me because I committed to be there for my friends.

In November we have changed the theme of the group to Gratitude–specifically learning to be grateful for and express gratitude for our physical bodies (at least that is my goal–my friends’ goals may vary slightly). My goal is to post in the group daily gratitude for a specific attribute of my body and then to commit to doing one thing to show gratitude for my body. (Seriously…that’s the most I’ve used the phrase “my body” in my life–which is likely part of the issue.)

I have spent years being critical of my body and very unkind to myself. It is difficult to switch gears. I’m already seeing progress. I spent a few minutes tonight brainstorming things that I might want to be grateful for. I made a list. I like lists.



I particularly like the scripture that is on the bottom of my stationery. I think it is appropriate and quite fitting….don’t you?