Plan of Attack for May!

Hello friends!  I find myself at the end of another month without much to say for my efforts during the previous month.  Life is busy.  I’m prepping to sell my house.  I’m getting ready to go on vacation.  Work has been so busy.  I haven’t felt well.

Do you hear what I’m hearing?  If you thought EXCUSES, then we are on the same page.

One thing I need to remember and realize is that there will ALWAYS be something that I can allow to stand in the way of my plans.  Or, I can find a way to work around it or even incorporate it into my efforts.  This path I’m on (getting fit and finding this athlete within) will not be a simple walk in the park.  If I wait until there aren’t other things vying for my time or until I feel completely awesome, I will die an early death and and need an extra wide coffin.  I’m not O.K. with that!

I’m choosing to focus my efforts in May on nutrition.  One good healthy habit.

In May, I will be joining the Love Your Greens 30-Day Challenge hosted by The Unconventional Kitchen.   Even while on vacation I can manage to get in one delicious green smoothie per day.  I’ll be posting pictures and recipes along the way and will have beginning of the month and end of the month stats (weight/measurements) along with a summary about how I feel after completing the challenge.  If anyone is interested in doing the challenge, you still have a few days to sign up.  It starts on May 1.  Even if you don’t want to do the challenge, I encourage you to check out Desi’s website.  She has great information and awesome recipes–even some great ideas for those with picky eaters in their families.

I’m not setting any specific fitness goals for the month other than to take the opportunity to get out and walk or do active things with friends whenever my schedule will allow. I have some great things in store as we move into the summer on the fitness front.

I do love a green smoothie so I’m WAY EXCITED  about May!

green smoothie