Meet the Golden Girls!

Two years ago, my friend K tagged me in a facebook classifieds page on a picture of four bar stools thinking that they might be something that I would like. As it happened, I was online at the time and was able to snag some vintage metal bar stools that have great character but needed some work.

You will find that I often have to live with something for a length of time before I act on it.  I need to think–to let the ideas rumble around in my head a bit and get comfortable with each other before I can present them to the world. For instance, I’ve lived in my house for almost 35 months now and there is not a single piece of art or decor on any of the walls.  I’m just not there yet. Brilliance takes time. (wink)

After having the little beauties hanging out in my garage for a few months, I decided on a fabric that I thought would be good for re-upholstery of the seats. I ordered it online, so it was a risk, but one that turned out well.  I couldn’t decide whether to leave the chairs in their current chippy yellow state or if I wanted to paint them all a similar yellow or if I wanted each of the chairs to be a different color.  I posted the following picture (August 14, 2014–see, it takes me a while)  on facebook and got feedback from my peeps: upholstery9

The overwhelming majority was for a chair of each color. I figured I would use the current base and foam and just replace the fabric.  However—there was lots of gross black mold on the inside of the current seat so I just got rid of the whole thing and started from scratch–but not until earlier this summer.upholstery4I took the little beauties up to my Dad.  Three of them had been cut down from a tall bar stool height to a normal bar stool height by their previous owners.  He cut the fourth one down to size for me a while back.  Then…we went to work on painting them.


And by we, I mean I picked out the paint and my sweet Dad painted them.  Aren’t they pretty!

Then my good friend who brought these little darlings into my life came over and we tried our hand at upholstery–for first timers I think we did pretty good.  I also have to give credit to my awesome neighbors who cut new wood bases for the cushions.

It was so much FUN! and I am so pleased with how they turned out.  We did have quite a time trying to find leg covers that fit with the size of the leg post cut, but I’m happy with those as well.  These chairs are so cute in my home and they make me smile every time I walk in the room.


They are so cute and have such great personality–they need names.  So please meet the Golden Girls: Sophia (green), Dorothy (Blue), Rose (yellow), and Blanche (orange).


I can’t wait to start my next project!